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Tarun Sharma



Tarun Sharma is a painter, poet and design thinker who brings to the fore a mind-transcending/liberating way of being by engaging with his works. 


Born in July 1985 in Jaipur, Rajasthan, he spent his childhood in Udaipur. The nature & tradition rich space gave him opportunity to witness creation & celebration of human life amidst nature. He went to study Architecture at VNIT Nagpur and later pursued Transportation & Automobile design in NID, Ahmedabad. From doodling, scribbling and painting on pages, working with wood & clay, finding expression in words, rhythm in sound, he moved to canvas in 2012 on a whim and  eventually it became his primary medium. Abstraction is ingrained in his way of thought, education and experience. He has worked with government bodies & start-ups over past decade, enabling their leadership with design thinking & abstract system level mindset. His practise of painting are deep dives into the same abstraction. From words, ink, ash, dirt and paint, his paintings carry an array of experiences, each defined by the viewer, space, light & moment.


In his words,

“Art, unlike design, in it’s true form should not try or aim at sending a message to the viewer. It should be a whole in itself. Art has no meaning because meaning limits the possibilities. Meaning arrives from what has been observed by the viewer and the creator  through the course of life; both connect to each other through the work.

Every stroke on the canvas should add to the painting, making it more complete. It should not be a preconceived idea, the colours of which are being filled on to the canvas. The hardest moment is the decision of stopping a painting (a canvas, an event in life or a thought). Is it complete enough? Gaining that subtle understanding is what has defined me.”

2-11 Sept’23

17-23 Dec ‘22

December ‘17

23-28 Sept ‘17

5 Sept ‘17

24-30 Mar ‘17

18-28 Feb ‘17

19-25 Dec ‘15

Anahad - sound of being : Solo exhibit at ITC Rajputana, Jaipur

Chhaap: Solo exhibit in Alankar Contemporary Gallery  at Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur

Work in Progress: Group exhibit celebrating 10 years of Kohlart at Ojas Art Gallery, New Delhi

Noir: Group exhibit at Stainless Gallery, New Delhi

Message of the Mahatma: Artist camp at RAEA, Jaipur 

Explorations: Group exhibit at AIFACS, New Delhi

Now: Solo exhibit at Tolstoy House, New Delhi

Sanvaad: Solo exhibit at Cercles, Hauz Khas, New Delhi

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