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Meditations on Now

24" x 24" acrylic on canvas

Every conscious act is an act of prayer. With the awareness of act comes the knowledge of what lies beneath it. That knowledge becomes a bridge between the act and the source. The source and endpoint are the same. At a point the art and artist are the same. At a point life and individual are the same. An endless point. Which is all fine. But amidst all this, the act still continues. The moment progresses, jumps, glides, sways and dances about. It is not what lies between the two entities anymore, it is what encompasses them. And yet it can be recognised. Endless deaths and births of art and artist are witnessed  by both the entities in the moment. Till the act is rendered meaningless as well and it all just is. Such is life.


With the reducing fluidity of the paint, comes back the perception of time. And through that passage the intangible and tangible, find their way back in. A mind takes shape, and starts identifying patterns and sensations. But something has changed. I wish to convey that across clearly someday to you…. just because.

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