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What’s Up?

“Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it's enemy action.” - Eric Goldfinger.

And the number of instances for us has bypassed all counts. Freedom is under attack. And as a collective humanity, we are too blind to stop it. Surveillance capital is on its way to become a lucid reality. Neo-liberalism has taken hold of the system. The right is always right and the left is left enough. The extremes are defined by the powerful. And the center is off-center shifting all of us out of balance. We want likes and we want money to satiate our insecurity and desires. All provided and created by the system within the system. It was hard enough to overcome our inherent nature and operate as an actor aware of the magic that moves through us. With the additional layers of control and structure chaining us down, and bombarding us with additional noise... it has stopped crossing people’s minds. We want a good salary package. We want to crunch numbers a certain way so that our startup’s growth projections satisfy the investors. We want this and that. We want it now. Or in a timeframe of an year or two so we can exit within a decade and retire early. We want. We want it bad. Some of us want food on the table for the family. Some of us want enough space to sleep freely. We have forgotten about the stars in the night sky. We care more about the stars on our OLED screen. We are sad when they die. We care about death more than we care about life. We don’t even mourn the dead long enough. It’s a trend determined by likes and hashtags. We are more fleeting than ever. And yet we are far from liberation.

Today, today masses are used to regurgitated knowledge. A horde of grotesque flavours has diminished the essence of pure vanilla. Like intertwined serpents of caduceus, the symbols of magic remain in memory, but Hermes has been deflagrated by most. And his staff hijacked by the vile. While living in the umbra of a hypnagogic existence, expiation of collective guilt, self imposed, has become opium of the intellectual.

And, and those who are awake simply amuse themselves with pandiculations of humanity still stuck to animal mode.

This, this mess has permeated every aspect, turning the knobs slowly to berserk. It is time for the mavericks to activate and mobilise in stealth and otherwise.... oh and have faith. Have faith that there is a way out of this mess. That each of them is not an alone and independent actor. That somewhere their fates are intertwined and they are the individual self aware, self dissolved actors of a singular consciousness. A consciousness that is serene and eternal. The one who wakes the birds up right before the sun emerges back from the horizon. From the abyss still unknown to mankind to the sky that is mostly blue, and beyond, the manifestation of this consciousness exists with a purpose. We have lost the purpose. But it’s not so bad. Man’s quest for purpose is the only story worth being written till the end of eternity. I just hope that we escape the body of Sisyphus and embrace the gods within.



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