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Explorations of Turiya

20" x 20" acrylic on canvas


A structure needs to be built before it can be broken down. The structure may have a formal language to it or something you built yourself. But it is needed nevertheless. An abstract language has a structure too. A non-objective language even more so. They just appear, sometimes, to not carry a language. Some are vain, and try to conceal the language by complex patterns. Honesty in abstraction of any language, comes through realising the structure, and taking it apart with deliberation. But any piece of art, music or any language HAS a responsibility towards the audience. The audience might be the artist or others. It has to convey. 
Beauty, serenity, tragedy, melancholy and a range of other attributes can be found on every petal of a flower swinging blissfully in the morning breeze. The infinity of these can, as well, be read through the wrinkles on a face of a life lived with vigour. Existence has given us through each individual and every breath a truly moving work of art to experience.

A language in any form acts as a medium between attributes of this canvas of existence and the observer (who is a part of the canvas too). When the language slowly and gracefully looses the structure, it communicates with greater clarity, to the observer, subliminally, aspects of life which are concealed within the rigidity of structures. The art and artist are one when the abstraction is in it’s true form. The dilution happens only when the artist too, in an attempt to contain and complete a composition, relies ever so briefly on the patterns. Nothing can be perfect. Sigh.

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