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If in lieu, of retribution, for the events past and the events future, you receive, a moment of peace; would it suffice? If the earth crumbles, out of thirst, felt by the seeds, buried in its bosom; quenched one day, or maybe never. And the soil, could find its fragrance, though soaked in blood, salty with sorrow, but still alive, by asking for a portion, of the moment, you perhaps prize; will you? Regardless of your choices, if offered salvation; can the act of choosing it, over rightful demise, get you any closer, to the light? Tell me. What is the source, of your plight?


Child on the stairs, looking into the unknown, with unwavering eyes, feels at home. Ascetic on the move, shedding ashes in the wind, to...


It may be meaningless, or useless at best; to be a witness, or a catalyst worse still. But I would be there, or like to be aware at the...


The bed is a sea. Sunken in the sheets, sweat of the mad sun. Living on the edge, of the bed, or perhaps ledge, is the maiden’s turmoil....

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