August 1, 2018

Can you obviate 

the mercurial madness,
contracted on a declivity,
or atleast vouchsafe
an exit from the field,
when the salvo hits
the halcyon masses,
bang, bang, paste?

Even an acolyte
could festinate
a pro rata aid
languid as he may be.
So why wouldn’t he?

As the behemoth races...

July 13, 2018

Love, empathy,
kindness, strength,
is perhaps the ingredient,
for being benevolent.
Convoluted, vain,
psychotic and degenerate,
are the paths that seldom follow,
unless you unconsciously cerebrate.
Practise it in nimiety,
and it will not end.
Hold it back,
and the river will twis...

July 9, 2018

It may be meaningless,
or useless at best;
to be a witness,
or a catalyst worse still.
But I would be there,
or like to be aware at the very least,
as and when the religions, ideologies,
civility, languages, human nature,
life and death, transmogrify.
This cannot be stopped,

July 9, 2018

All it takes is a moment,
for that to reveal,
what is hidden from lucubrations.
And yet the road is steep,
paved with tragedies,
cemented by hope.
And yet the flowers bloom,
in the times of spring;
balancing butterflies on their petals,
so they can meet again.
And yet it must be...

July 7, 2018

A bubble on the surface,
of a story shining in the sun,
floating with the ocean waves;
Tension clinging on the surface,
insides seemingly empty.
Waiting to burst,
seldom alone;
a life, a star, a dot,
on the blanket of blackness;
to mark a moment unique,
before the clock resets,

July 6, 2018

Can’t you help, 

but weave webs,
with pauses and words,
graceful or gross,
desperate or cruel,
web within a web,
life made of lives?
Sophistry might be fun,
or reflex like cocking a gun;
but a touch of truth,
accidental or otherwise,
known or unknown,
will burn down the anchors,

July 5, 2018

Child on the stairs,
looking into the unknown,
with unwavering eyes,
feels at home.
Ascetic on the move,
shedding ashes in the wind,
to find golden embers,
feels hungry.
Sleepy early birds,
getting ready to sing,
watch the fifth sky,
turn blue.
Unrelated on the surface,
yet assever...

July 4, 2018

Burning eyes,

broken back,

heavy head,

sunken heart.

It glitters still,

your soul,

with glee, 

awaiting the show.

Blaring voices,

marinated in sorrow,

crackle over the radio-

It’s time now

ladies and gents,

for the spectacle,

we promised you.

So hold your breath,

and get ready,

for the...

July 3, 2018

If in lieu,
of retribution,
for the events past
and the events future,
you receive,
a moment of peace;
would it suffice?
If the earth crumbles,
out of thirst,
felt by the seeds,
buried in its bosom;
quenched one day,
or maybe never.
And the soil,
could find its fragrance,
though soak...

July 2, 2018

The bed is a sea.
Sunken in the sheets,
sweat of the mad sun.
Living on the edge,
of the bed,
or perhaps ledge,
is the maiden’s turmoil.
Swish, swoosh,
clatter, chatter of
shamans and their ilk;
is no use,
for the pain,
brought upon by the stars;
through the hands,
of the living and...

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