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A crooked shade

Here you are again. A familiar blur who shows up once in a while on this land. Why is it that you visit this place again and again? Go around and you will find places offering a view far prettier than what this place has to offer. What is it again? You are here for me? Liar, I pity you.

I am a crooked version of what I could be. In the shadows of my kins around, I had to warp myself to survive. If it is for me that you are here, then you and I share the spirit of resilience and survival. But that is not true, is it? You do not need to survive, the world is an open pasture for you but you choose to not utilise it.

That is the crucial difference between you and I. And that is why you are a liar. It is not the lies you tell me which are worrisome, but the ones you feed yourself with. I have marked a space, a unique identity and nurtured a million stories under my shade. My roots hold me anchored to this land, free from the fear of any hurricane that might come my way. What have you done? You have allowed yourself to float in the cosmos, never finding a ground. Without a ground, you will not grow. Just because you have feet and can move about does not mean that in this realm you can allow yourself to not be rooted. Just sunlight will do you no good if there is nothing filling you up with the pain and joy of the land around you.

That grave you are sitting on has a story I have been a guardian of, for a long time now. That grave will wither away and I too shall perish. But what I gave to the world will carry my life force to another dimension. And I am here to advise you to do the same. There are infinite layers and complexities in any aspect of tangible and intangible. And you can spend your life trying to uncover them. But do not forget that underneath all the layers, lies a single unifier. And the more you are aware of that, the easier it will be to peel off the layers.

Take this advise from a crooked pine tree and stop searching for answers and just sit and listen. The answer is all around you.


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