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Silly Poem

I can abnegate promises of holy kingdom for you,

it is no big deal, for a kingdom is a wasteland without the queen.

I can melt my layers and be me for you,

it is my pleasure, for I desire to be seen by your being.

I can for once write down in words for you,

that I love and I love you and I know, more so everyday.

An ascetic I have been, a fighter too,

a hopeless romantic and a hopeful friend.

Human. God. Devil. Easy titles.

But I can be a man for you.

Get me the nails and the hammers,

show me where things leak,

wrap a blanket on my naked soul,

sunken in a cherished sleep.

If I whisper your name,

butterflies dance to the tune.

A tickle here, a gush there,

I swear I’ve seen flowers blush.

One way street, this journey is,

and we’re not passing by.

Did I catch up to you or you to me,

I am glad that our eyes aligned.

Eons of circling this simulation,

seeking and destroying,

loving and loathing,

and your sigh made me hush.

So get me the ropes and the rugs,

Ill drench them in Colors unseen.

Shallow waters dry and vessels break,

I can now, again jump to the end, that is deep.

Is this a love poem, or grated cheese?

Would you care to taste the dip.

I am no chef, nor am I many many things.

But a bedside poet I can be for you.

Will this go away? Yes it crossed my mind.

But in heart we trust, in heart I ache for you everyday.

You may reprove me for absurdity,

but life has no accidents, only adventures.

And they bring me stories,

that I can pillow talk to my ...


PS: ringa ringa noses

Silly Poet

My world changes it’s rhythm with the change in the tides that wash over your face The butterflies go wild in the times of plight when we are away Like a flower I wait for you to rain on my being I mi


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