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Silly Poet

My world changes it’s rhythm

with the change in the tides

that wash over your face

The butterflies go wild

in the times of plight

when we are away

Like a flower I wait

for you to rain

on my being

I miss you

and smile too

as if it’s a good thing

For life with you is more petals than thorns

blanket of compassion to keep me warm

while we float on clouds like gods

So when the pangs pinch

my soul deep and sweet

of being away in a way or two

The silly poet in me rejoices

for he has momentous peril to go through

be it for a moment (and thankfully so)

For two moments are too much

unfathomable, truth be told

to be apart from your heart

And the poet takes on the challenge

of this journey through time to

reach back and tickle your soul.


Silly Poem

I can abnegate promises of holy kingdom for you, it is no big deal, for a kingdom is a wasteland without the queen. I can melt my layers and be me for you, it is my pleasure, for I desire to be seen b


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